New U.S. Book Tour

Hello all. I am delighted to announce I shall be back in the States for a brief book tour.

Cities and Dates below. I hope you can come along and say hi!

Wednesday, September 19
Houston, TX

BOOKS-A-MILLION/book signing, 5000 Katy Mills Cir #221  Katy, TX 77494,
(281) 644-2665


Thursday, September 20
Minneapolis, MN

BARNES & NOBLE AT THE GALLERIA, 3225 West 69th St, Edina, MN 55435


Saturday, September 22
Seattle, WA

THIRD PLACE BOOKS/book signing, 17171 Bothell Way Northeast, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
(206) 366-3333


Monday, September 24
Portland, OR

POWELL’S BOOK/book signing, 1005 W Burnside  Portland, OR 97209
(800) 878-7323


Tuesday, September 25
San Francisco, CA

BOOKS, INC./book signing, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA


Friday, September 28
Los Angeles, CA
7PM – 9:30PM

BARNES & NOBLE/book signing, The Grove at Farmers Market, 189 Grove Drive, Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323-525-0270

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252 Responses to 'New U.S. Book Tour'

  1. avatar grey4ever says:

    I would love for you to come to Philadelphia or South Jersey. I love the books I have read them all 30xs and still can’t stop. I would love to see more books about Christian and Ana maybe something with his relationships with his other brunettes. OH and I do think HENRY CAVILL WOULD MAKE THE BEST CHRISTIAN GREY. I had to add that sorry. I can’t wait for the movie.

  2. avatar blu0805 says:

    E.L. Please come back to the metro Washington DC area. I would so love to meet you and get you to sign my books. I am totally in love with the 50 Shades Trilogy. I love it on so many levels. I should be ashamed to say (but I’m not) that I’ve read the books so many times I’ve lost count. I’m think 10 times at this point. I have now moved on to the audio version and am on the last book. I had to go to audio because I kept trying to read the books on my Droid kindle while I was driving. Anyway. I still love this story and basically read it to cheer myself up. I basically drive to and from work with a big smile on my face while listening to the audio book.

    Please write more. Someone else posted that they’d love to read more of the behind the scenes conversations that Christian had with his family and others. I’m also curious about Taylor and his thoughts about Christian’s life style and his perspective on Ana. I know you probably don’t have a whole book there but just some insight into his character would be nice. Ta Ta for now. :-)

  3. avatar Meichen says:

    Oh i would love it if you would come to Denmark. My life have changed after reading your books. And cant wait to se the movie. can see that your working on your next book. I will buy it! Love your type of writing it is so authentic to how women think or how I think. Your books opened my eyes <3

  4. avatar xeni95 says:

    I am SO SAD that I finished these books in a week! I wish I could take a pill that would erase my memory so that I could relive the anticipation of turning pages. This is a beautiful story…even if the sex was toned down, it’s really about 2 people, especially 50 shades who is broken, and how Ana brings him into the light. Who would have thought the books would end the way they did?

    Does anyone know if the author has commented about writing more about Ana and Christian?? :)

    • avatar stacypan says:

      I felt the same way when I finished reading them, although it took me longer than 1 week. I thought to myself “rereading won’t be the same”. I’ll never recapture that same feeling I got, for example, when Kate walked Christian over to Ana and Ray during graduation and introduced Christian and Ana’s boyfriend (LOL!). Then when Christian held out his hand to Ana while she was in Ethan’s grasp and said “baby”. Ana’s comments that she almost expired from the endearment was so funny to me. I was shocked also! Moments like that I was worried about. I must say though, I have reread all 3 books and thoroughly enjoyed the reread. I actually picked up on things I didn’t remember from the first time I read them. Probably because at times it was so late (couldn’t put the book down) and I was sleep deprived by then.

  5. avatar Peace6869 says:

    I have read all 3 books over and over. I do feel drawn to Darker the most but love them all. I would really really like a 4th book to start with the 4 week follow up visit to Dr Greene. I would like to hear her say the date of conception. Just trying to guess. Was it in Colorado??? I would also like the truth to be told as she got “knocked up” prior to missing her first appointment. Would like the question raised if the shot ran out early cuz Ana had too much sex. It just seems like a question she would ask due to her lack of experience. I would like to know how they told everyone. Big party again?? Would like to know how Elena found out( ha ha) Would like to know about all the weddings too. Kate and Elliot, Taylor and Gail. Mia and ??? Also when it stated that Ana took Christian to his birth mothers grave, is that where he finally forgave her?? In closing a tour goes great with a new book release. Fifty Shades “My Happy ever After” IV

    • avatar Peace6869 says:

      sorry just read my comment I really do have a lot of would like to know questions.

    • avatar Peace6869 says:

      sorry forgot something…What about a few chapters on the Hyde trial. I would love to hear Ana explain all the comments Hyde snd to know Christian’s reactions. Or could that be how Elena finds out Ana is pregnant. Just sayin’

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Love that title!!

    • avatar Peace6869 says:

      I say that title based on the Aspen trip. Ana said it to Kate about Elliot being her Happy ever after. You know living with a friend girls have those late night talks. Plus I’m really really wanting a future book. I’ve read she is working on other projects so nothing soon. She could be on the best seller list every year just by realeasing a Grey book every year if it was up to me. Peace Love and Happiness B

    • avatar stacypan says:

      I think Ana also told Ray that “Christian was her happily ever after”, when she talked to Ray after Christian called him to ask for “her hand”. Like everyone else, i so hope the EL writes more Grey books. I just can’t believe she would leave all of these millions of people hanging. Like you, there is so much more to know. I would have LOVED to hear some of Christian and Elliot’s private conversations.

  6. avatar midnight_pic says:

    missed you last book tour:( when will be your new book tour in the US?

  7. avatar novavas says:

    Fifty Shades is mainly about Christian Grey, the man with many interesting characters, one of them being his beautiful eyes. There are many actors whom, I am sure, would be able to play him but one actor who stands out because of his eyes is Ian Somerhalder. He is brilliant in Vampire Diaries and his eyes just draw you to him. He has the presence that Christian Grey has, his stare is smouldering as is his voice. As Ana, Alexis Bledel would be perfect. Can’t wait for the movie and cannot wait for the EL James’ next book.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Alexis Bledel was also my first pick to portray Ana in the movie. Although, I’ve been watching the series “Boss” on Starz. The British actress (Hannah Ware) who plays Cane’s daughter Emma would also be great as Anastasia. She has some pretty tough scenes on the show. She has a drug problem and she has also done multiple nude love scenes. From a content perspective, i know Hannah could handle the role. For me, Alexis looks just like the description of Ana in the book, but I have never scene her in a role anywhere close to this one and just don’t know if she would be interested or if she can pull it off. Seen numberous suggestions for Ian as Christian. Although I haven’t seen Ian’s work on Vampire Diaries, I agree he has beautiful eyes. Several people have also recommended Gabriel Macht (another unknown for me) for the role. When I look at his pictures online and Ian’s pics online, Gabriel looks more like Christian to me. Ian’s pics are generally less CEO like and more rocker perhaps (especially those with his hair really long). Most of the Macht photos show him in suits and very business like. The haircolor and the square jaw also makes me think Christian. But, my first pick for Christian is Henry Cavill.

  8. avatar JLB15 says:

    I absolutely loved all 3 books… I never read anything and heard about these and thought I would try them and couldn’t put them down I was cooped up for 5 days reading them and now I’m going to re read them! I definitely agree that you should write more about them.. They have made me want more in my life! So many people love these books please please please write more about them I think theres a lot of people who would be lost in those books as well! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Best books out there

    • avatar JLB15 says:

      And also please let the movie be as good as the books.. Don’t leave anything out who cares if it takes 3 movies or how every many to do it :)

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Totally agree with that. Whatever they do, the actor to portray Christian Grey must indeed be gorgeous! Not just borderline. I have been watching old movies recently and keep seeing actors that make me think of “Christian Grey”. The movie Troy has been on recently and when I see Brad Pitt’s body in that movie and his scenes when he’s angry I think Christian. Of course I know Brad is too old for the role. I also saw the older movie “Jagged Edge” with Jeff Bridges recently. In that movie YOUNG Jeff Bridges reminded me of the description of Christian. I know some people will freak when they see this comment, but it’s true. Watch the movie. In the movie, Jeff looked so tall and lean, but appropriately muscular. His hair also flops in his face at times, just as it’s described in the book. And of course, Jeff runs his hands through his hair. He was also playing a rich guy, so he was dressed impeccably. Even when riding horses in his jeans and boots, he looked so good-looking.

    • avatar novavas says:

      I agree JLB15, I too re-read the books and have never read anything like them before and would love to see the story about Ana and Christian unfold as they become parents. I would also like read Christian’s perspective – based on the teaser Ms EL James gave us on the last book. More please!

  9. avatar cmoore says:

    You are awesome!!!! A modern day Nancy Drew. It is so amazing to find someone who thinks like I do. I agree with you one hundred percent. Elena is manipulating everyone in order to keep her friendship with Christian. I want to run something by you. After reading the trilogy did you notice that everytime Christian went out of town Jack attempted to hurt Ana? First, he tried to kidnap her when Christian was in New York. Secondly, when Christian is in Portland he calls Ana to tell her he has Mia and he wants Christian’s money. Jack is a screwed up individual.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Hi CMoore! You are so kind! When I saw how long my comments were after submitting, I actually had hoped the site wouldn’t post them. Makes me look like a crazy person. :) But, oh well. Your observation about Jack striking when Christian was out of town is a good one. It leaves the impression he was working with someone in Christian’s inner circle that knew Christian’s movements. I actually had briefly wondered while reading if Taylor was a traitor. Because during the helicopter incident, apparently Taylor was off with his “sick” daughter. Christian rarely went anywhere without Taylor. And Carrick kept making a point about how unusual it was to have problems with both engines and a fire. But, of course I now know it wasn’t Taylor.

  10. avatar cmoore says:

    I agree with you, I think that Elena is the mastermind behind everything. I know that she is pulling Leila’s string. I also feel that she teammed up with Jack Hyde to kidnap Mia and hurt Ana. Remember Christian went to her and told her that Ana was pregnant. Correct me if I am wrong didn’t Christian tell Ana that it was Lincoln who posted Jack’s bond? What if it was Elena Lincoln and not Old Man Lincoln. Elena was so threatened by Ana because this was the first normal relationship Christian ever had.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      OMG!!! I am so happy to have someone to talk to about this. Yes, Christian did tell Ana that “Linc or Lincoln” had bailed Hyde out. Without Elena, how would her ex-husband even know who Jack Hyde was. Also, Christian must have suspected that someone was helping Leila, that’s why Taylor could never find her. He asked Leila if Susannah knew what Leila was doing when she was ill and Leila said No. So, it was Elena helping her. Remember when Ana found all of those pictures Christian had taken and Christian said those had been locked in his safe. He wondered what else Leila may have taken from there. I think Leila passed on information about Ana to Elena (from those files). Otherwise how did Elena know that Ana worked at SIP. Also, Elena knew that Christian was initially desparate to keep Ana from knowing all of his dark secrets (he feared Ana would leave him), so what does Elena do, she keeps trying to get Ana away from Christian so she can tell her! What kind of friend would do that? The night that Leila was in the apartment with the gun, she was probably supposed to shot Ana (orders from Elena), but couldn’t bring herself to do. Remember, when Ana awoke because she sensed something and saw Leila, Ana went to find Christian and he was in his office on the phone with Elena. Ana heard him talking and he asked “Why are you calling here so late?” After the conversation, Ana said that Christian “slammed the phone down”. She didn’t say his blackberry like all other times. It left the impression that he was talking on a house phone (land line). I think Elena called his home office phone to either make sure he wasn’t in the room when Leila was supposed to harm Ana or called to get an indication of whether Leila had gone through with the plan. Elena was probably shocked when Christian answered the phone and there was nothing wrong other than him being annoyed that she called him. And then showing up at his house uninvited and without notice pretending she didn’t think Ana would be there because it was during the week (not weekend). She knew Christian saw Ana during the week, he flew all the way to Georgia during the middle of the week just to see Ana (after a 1 day absence). There were so many hints. Or at least, a lot of unanswered questions that I took as hints after I re-read the trilogy. One last example, the hair salon. When Christian first took Ana there for haircut, he was surprised to see Elena because “she’s never at that location”. Ok. When Fifty and Ana were arguing outside, Christian got a call, and began to look around, he said “On Second ave, she’s watching us”. Meaning Leila. Leila was likely on her way to see or had just left seeing Elena!! That’s why Elena was at the shop. Also, Ana mentioned that Elena went into a back room and closed the door. Until Christian went over to talk to her and then she came out. Leila. Christian said “we agreed” that Elena wouldn’t come to his parents party, then she shows up intentionally covering her entire appearance until she could catch Ana alone. Elena thought all of this drama with her and former subs would run Ana off. That’s why she later called Ana a gold drigger because she figured for Ana to endure and tolerate all of these problems, she must be there for the money.

  11. avatar bobbijo10 says:

    I hope somehow you are able to make a stop near Massachusetts. I’d be able to drive a state away but not all the way to CA :(

    *hoping and praying*

  12. avatar abarash69 says:

    I just finished reading all three and I cried and cried confused on how I feel…..upset because it’s over? And delighted because I’ve learned so much and made me a happier every time I read you book…….this is truly best book I ever read and will read it again……….too bad I missed your visit here in Los Angeles last week but will look forward on your next visit….hopefully soon.

    Thank you…… Xoxo

  13. avatar cmoore says:

    Hi Stacypan,
    You are so right, the name of the hotel was the Fairmont Olympic I think. It certainly was a lady sitting there feeding with her Westie at 3:00am. EL James told us that she would only make a cameo appearance if the movie studio ask her to…. and a cameo is a glimpse of a person not named or saying anyting.
    Stacy! you go gurl….

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Thanks CM! Although I was also curious to figure out who EL might have been, I found the answer by accident. I have read the trilogy twice, however, with 3 different books sometimes I get the sequences off when trying to remember some of the specifics. A friend had asked me a question and I didn’t want to tell her something she hadn’t read yet. I was looking through Fifty Shades Darker trying to remember if when Elena called Christian’s apartment really late (like 1:30am) was that the same night that Leila appeared near the bed when Ana waa asleep. And it was. That’s how I ended up re-reading the chapter with A & C going to the hotel.
      CMoore, what do you think about Elena’s motives? IMO, she seemed to want Christian back, despite appeaaring to encourage his relationship with Ana.

  14. avatar css8216max says:

    I agree. Such a wonderful trilogy of books. I am very much looking forward to the movie but it needs to be broken down into a mini series reflecting each book as it is titled and written. I have to say Matt Bomer (I could care less that he’s openly gay) and Alexis Bledel are my picks for Christian and Anastasia. He is georgeous and she is adorable. I would love to see you come to Maryland (East Coast) for a book signing. I have read the trilogy 3 times and could very easily read it again. I would love to see a 4th book come out. Thanks for the great love story. Hugs to you!

  15. avatar blu0805 says:

    EL James, I absolutely love this trilogy. It is for me first and foremost a beautiful love story. The sex is great too ;-) but I really love how you have made it so funny with the banter between Christian and Anastasia. What really stood out for me is the music and how you’ve interwoven it into the story. I keep listening to your playlist for each of the books and have recently purchased the classical album. You have brought me back to my love of music. After becoming a wife and mom and lost that part of myself. Your books have made me rethink how I view myself, my life, my interests and my relationships. It is the small things in life that my us happy as well as those we love. Thanks again. Hoping to read more from you and to get more from Christians perspective. Love that part of the book as well. Really hope you come to the east coast. Maybe the metropolitan DC area. :-) *Hugs You* Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  16. avatar Melissa Raymundo says:

    It was an honor to meet you Mrs. James!!! Thank you for the word advice on how to start writing my own novel. I hope you enjoyed visiting Los Angeles!!

  17. avatar heatherj says:

    I have just read all 3 books over a 4 day span and I am delighted!! I will be reading them all over again….thank you so much!! It would be great to be able to read the story from Christian’s point of view….again, thank you!

  18. avatar heatherj says:

    I have just finished reading all 3 books and am delighted!!I want to read them al

  19. avatar Malak HHS says:

    This book honestly changed the way i think of men and what i want from them
    simply I WANT CHRISTIAN GREY if he really in any way pleas lead the way
    And the way u describe him is unbelievable , he is so beautiful it hurts and i really agree with everything the other fans said
    this book should be a series not a movie
    2 hours is simply not enough.and i haven’t finished reading yet but i am reading as slowly as i can i just don’t want it to end and some day i will but i hope when i do u would be done writing a forth book coz i don’t wanna let go of this beautiful joy that fills my soul every time i read a word of this book.
    even looking at this book makes me recall all the emotions and feelings i get when i read it
    it really is overwhelming
    so thank you very much EL James
    laters baby ;)

  20. avatar cmoore says:

    Dr. Flynn’s wife is Rhian. EL said that her character does not have a name. Odd, I know so I came up with two characters in the books who are nameless. Leila’s mom when Christian contacts them in regards to her mental state; and Taylor’s daughter(Sophie)mother. Taylor tell Christian that she always overreact when it comes to their daughter.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Well you have me stomped. There was a nurse in Ana’s hospital room that Ana described as wearing too much make-up. I don’t think she was given a name. Not Nurse Betty that was pissing off Christian. Another one. Ana described her as having “hair that appeared almost too black”. Something like that. Implied the nurse had dyed her hair.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      cmoore, another thought about who EL is in the book, at Jose’s photography show there was a woman (no name given) described by Ana as having “very short hair with red lipstick”. The person Christian approached to buy the portraits. That could be her.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      cmoore, disregard all of my other guesses. I know who EL’s cameo was. I actually found it last night while looking for the answer to a question from a friend about Fifty Shade’s Darker. After the Grey’s charity event/party, when Ana and Christian returned home they found out that Leila had been in the apartment. They left home and went to a hotel (Olympic something). While Christian was checking in, Ana was looking around the lobby . Ana commented that it was 3am and the lobby was empty “except for a woman with dark hair sitting on a sofa feeding her Westie”. Ana commented that she was “surprised such as upscale hotel allowed pets”. That must have been EL’s cameo. I guess she figured that anyone who knows her (and her dog) would recognize it. I don’t know what kind of pet she has, but I would be willing to bet money this is her cameo. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense why a woman is sitting in the lobby of a hotel at 3am alone with a dog. :) And she knows that.

  21. avatar hawk says:

    I have just finished reading all 3 books. I loved them and I have to admitt I’m not a reader. But, it got my curiosity when everyone I knew was reading them. I’m fixing to start reading them again. I know my husband will go crazy but I don’t care!! Maybe, I can talk him inot reading them. I hope you write books about them. I look forward to the movie!! It was hard for me to put the book down at night to go to bed. Look forward to your next book.

  22. avatar cmoore says:

    I have composed a list of who should play the characters in the books:
    Christian – Ian Somehalder; Ana – Nina Dobrev; Leila – Victoria Justice; Kate – Blake Lively; Elliot – Chris Hemsworth; Mia – Demi Lovato; Ethan – Kellan Lutz; Jose – William Levy; Grace – Susan Sullivan; Carrick – Jim Caviezel; Dr. Greene – Katherine Heigl; Taylor – Christian Bale; Mrs. Jones – Kate Hudson; Sawyer – Colin Farrell; Ryan – Ryan Reynolds; Jack Hyde – Max Greenfield; Elizabeth Morgan – Roselyn Sanchez; Elena Lincoln – Angelina Jolie; Reynolds – Ryan Gosling; Claude Bastille – Michael Ealy; Prescott – Regina King; Paul Clayton – Liam Hemsworth; Dr. Flynn – Pierce Brosnan; Rhian Flynn – Sela Ward; Lily – Emma Stone; and finally Gretchen – Lucy Hale.
    See ya!

  23. avatar 50fan509 says:

    Although he is older than Christian in real life Gabriel Macht would be fab if hes up for it!

  24. avatar cmoore says:

    I meant to say I am stumped trying to figure out who she could be….

  25. avatar cmoore says:

    I went to the book signing in Houston on September 19th. I got all three of my books signed. EL James was very nice. It was so easy to talk with her. Since then I have also purchase the hardback books. I can’t wait until they arrive. Also, EL told us that she is in the books, she also said that her character has a small cameo role. I am stumped trying to figure out who is could me.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      I think Erica was Flynn’s wife in the book. She had a small role and was described as having black hair and short stature.

    • avatar Peace6869 says:

      Just thinking as a small role and being a writer and in publishing, I would think EL would be either Claire or Hannah. Anyone else see where I am coming from?? Claire got to see all the men that came for Ana at SIP. Claire is from a family of 7 children and I could guess that in the acknowledgment there are 6 people listed that could be siblings???? Or maybe Boyce Fox the best selling author of Grey Publishing??

  26. avatar kikidee3 says:

    I was at the book signing in Houston Sept.19th.WooHoo…I was 17th in line..It was such an Honor to have met you Erica Leonard James..As many other women I Truly Loved The Trilogy. I couldn’t put them down. They are by far my Favorite ..Before I read them it had been over 25 yrs since I had even picked up a book..Now I read everyday..I have read Gabriels Inferno and Rapture by Sylvain Reynard,Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire..Also Many of Lora Leigh’s Novels…Thank you for introducing me to the World of Reading..I am so looking forward to Reading your next Novel.

    • avatar stacypan says:

      Thanks for responding Kiki, I wish I could have gone to the book signing. I really want to ask Erica (hopefully someone else did) whether she will write any more books in the Grey Trilogy. I think there is still a lot of story left to be told here. Some people took her ending to suggest more to come, however, some others say they have heard in an interview that she said she’s ready to write about something completely different. I have said this before, but i think she could have gotten at least 2 more books of this story. For one, as I re-read the books, I have noticed an odd coincidence between each time that Leila makes contact with Christian and Ana, so does Elena. I swear, i now think Elena had enlisted Leila to try to break up Christian and Ana or worst, to hurt Ana. At times, it appears Elena was encouraging the relationship, but ultimately it was later clear that she was trying to compeat with Ana for Christian. Especially when Elena told Ana, “you’re more formible than I gave you credit for”.

  27. avatar stacypan says:

    I’m so sad I missed the book signing in Houston. Wanted to go, but was too busy at work to drive down there (4 hrs from where I live). For those that attended, how was it?

  28. avatar stacypan says:

    I love love love that Ana chose a Sade song as her ringtone for Christian (Your love is King). That was one of the many items so wonderful about this book. I can think of several other Sade song titles that would also fit their relationship:…No Ordinary Love, The Sweetest Taboo, Hang on to Your Love, It is a Crime, Love is Stronger than Pride, Smooth Operator, Cherish the Love. The list could go on!

  29. avatar sspotlights says:

    please come to Michigan!! I seriously love the book, and i don’t read. You give so many other books such high expectations for me and i can’t stop thinking about christian grey!

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