I’m Blue…

My website has had a bit of a make-over. Check it out!


There’s lots of new content, including (by popular demand) the wine lists! And plenty of other stuff too. Please feel free to make yourself at home and explore.

Send an email here if you run into any problems with the site.


EL November 2012

46 Responses to 'I’m Blue…'

  1. avatar JoAndrews says:

    I would love to see Rob Lowe as Christian grey and I can picture Jessica from twilight playing Kate I am in love with these books I keep rereading them

  2. avatar Trien says:

    I would love to see Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey, he is mysterious and sexy, and absolutely perfect for the role!!!!

  3. avatar dory1969 says:

    Love the soundtrack to the triology I have added the playlist to my iPhone, including Dido white flag and Sade your love is king.

    I can’t wait for the film

  4. avatar dianzul says:

    me encanta esta trilogia ya la he leido dos veces y sigo con ganas de mas . hace mucho tiempo que no me enganchaba tanto a un libro y menos para releerlo.no se cuanto tiempo dure para volver a leerlo estoy enamorada de esta historia . y con ganas de mas Animese a continuar con ella desde el punto de vista de C.G.
    he leido algo que escribio un fans y me atrevo a publicarlo para que lo leas te puede servir de algo.

  5. avatar tengle says:

    Huge fan of the trilogy and love the wine and play lists. My pick for CG hands down is Henry Cavill, he’s absolutely perfect right down to the smile and wavy locks! My inner goddess screams every time I see his picture – he is Christian Grey!

    • avatar Lori C says:

      I soooo agree with you!! If they can’t get Henry then they need to get Jessie Pavelka. But Henry, oh Henry is my FIRST AND FAVE pic!!

  6. avatar levi says:

    Los Libros son Hermosos.sin embargo me quede con ganas de mas.es por eso que he creado un blog: 50sombrasdegreypelicula.com para estar al tanto del casting y toda la informacion de la pelicula.un saludo a todas las fans y a ti El james por hacer mis noches mas entretenidas.

  7. avatar levi says:

    I am totally obsessed with this trilogy!!! I have read and re read the audio version and just can’t put it down. The reader is too!!! I would ssuggest to use her in your future audio books. Can’t wait for the movie and more books!!!

    Please visit: http://50shadesofgreymovie.org/ for more news about the film.

  8. avatar marcilene moreira says:

    I am married 40 years and 3 kids. Fell in love with trilogy and fantastic thought you create the play list. Parabens, Success

  9. avatar Stephanie46 says:

    Eu simplismente adorei os livros estou no final do terceiro e ja com saudades dos outros dois eu fiquei fascinada pra não dizer viciada na historia tão romantica e linda queria dizer Parabéns pelo belo trabalho não tenho palavras pra expressar a minha alegria. Adorei quando encontrei seu bolg a lista de vinhos é muito mara e as imagens dos lugares do livro é simplismente lindo igualzinho na minha imaginação. Simplismente mara…

  10. avatar m.carroll1234 says:

    the new look is lovely……….i am hoping that u will soon realise a fourth book…….i coudnt put the first 2 down im in the middle of reading the third im reading it slower because i dont want it to end :( ((((((( lol……….hope to see a fourth book out soon please :) )))))))))

  11. avatar KazM77 says:

    Loving the makeover, esp ‘On Location’, I’m more of a visual person so its making me wanna read the books AGAIN!! LOL. Handy to have everything Fifty related in one easy access location. x

  12. avatar phoey says:

    Great to see so many pictures of Matt Bomer on the fan sites, you know he is absolutely perfect for the role of Christian Grey. He could play this character so well. Matt is charming and sexy and funny and has those drop dead gorgeous model looks that CG is said to have, and his eyes, wow, those eyes. And of course his beautiful sensual sculptured lips. No one else comes close, Matt fits the description perfectly. He would be amazing at playing this dark, disturbed, controlling charachter, and you’ve seen how he wears a suit.

  13. avatar Sonny says:

    First of all I must say that I have NEVER been moved to participate in blogging that is out side politics and current events. Your books however have me feeling like some kind of junkie. I am so caught up in CG that I have a clear and vivd picture in my mind of the actor to portray him. While I quite like Ian Somerhalder, I only see him as the dark side of CG. I do not see the CEO, the loving side or the passionate side of Christian Grey. Quite frankly, the ONLY man I see when I close my eyes and envision CG is Matt Bomer. He is MORE THAN CAPABLE OF ILLUSTRATING ALL FIFTY SHADES OF CHRISTIAN GREY.

  14. avatar j_kersey2006 says:

    I am totally obsessed with this trilogy!!! I have read and re read the audio version and just can’t put it down. The reader is too!!! I would ssuggest to use her in your future audio books. Can’t wait for the movie and more books!!!

  15. avatar villardianne says:

    <3 mia and ethan please??—like-teenagers love story :D

  16. avatar cherry692nv says:

    is it true you will be coming out with another part of the book based on christian side of the story cause i would rather no more after the daughter is born not go back to the begginning

  17. avatar FSOG crazy says:

    Love the new site,have read the trilogy 6 times now and will be re reading them again,I just can’t get enough.The more i read them im begining to understand the characters personality.Have bought a few books since these and just none of them come up to scratch.Wishing E L James lots of luck with the new projects as i love your style of writing.Many thanks for bringing passion into peoples lives.xxx

  18. avatar melissa.worrall says:

    Love the new look checked out the wine list I also noticed or should I say wished or hoped fifty shades of grey,darker,freed notice there is a extra spot the wouldn’t be for the forth lol I god I hope so

  19. avatar FiftyNani says:

    I love the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I’m so obsessed, it’s not even funny. I was obsessed with Twilight, now It’s Fifty Shades what’s next. Awesome read. Probably reading again, again, again. Can’t get enough of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Love the look, Wine List and On Location. The curosity is who will plan have the opportunity to portray these wonderful characters. Can’t wait and so excited.

  20. avatar CrystalGrey says:

    Absolutely love the new site look! Lots easier to read and the ‘On Location” has me squirming to see the movie! Can not wait. Have a great day. Just thought I would advise you Mrs. James that I have about 80 people at work turned on to your Trilogy. We all now want our own 50 Shades:)

  21. avatar manda175 says:

    You should write a book for kate and elliot

  22. avatar rileyks3 says:

    Love it! Soooooo Blue! :) Whomever created it did an awesome job!

  23. avatar shuel0360 says:

    Im ready and waiting for your new stories….hope to get more from Christians view!

  24. avatar babsiebaby says:

    Hola Icy, Congratulations on your ‘New Look’ – additional stuff looks good bb… Hope you’re well xx

  25. avatar renlaflesh says:

    I love the new site its definitely smooth and comforting to see the additives to your site, love it lots!!

  26. avatar mandshooper@gmail.com says:

    have read and read all three books. cant get enough. have also got the audio version and i listen over and over. i am completly obsessed.hubby has read the books as well!well done erica, cant wait for the film!!

    • avatar CrystalGrey says:

      I got the soundtracks and I am now rereading the Trilogy again with the songs in the background…Great reading. Puts the scenes into context…

  27. avatar weshede says:

    I love the books, Christian & Ana, the pic, the CD, the wine list, this site, the list could go on for ever. I would LOVE to see ALEXANDER SKARSGARD as Christian. When I’m reading, that’s who I see. I’ve watched him for 5 seasons on True Blood & I just think he’s perfect for this role.
    Thank you for writing Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, & Freed. I am anxistly awaiting More. Love you

  28. avatar villardianne says:

    wish I could have a copy of the new Fifty Shades…
    Poor me when I was reading the fifty shades trilogy i kept my English dictionary with me always LOL ^^, EL JAMES please do greet me for my birthday this November 7, 2012-tomorrow(wednesday-Philippines)- it’ll make my Day very very happy ,I’m a big fan of your love story-Fifty Shades :D , and you are my first and ever favorite author, also looking forward for a new novel of Love story of EL JAMES ;) … God Bless and More Power…

  29. avatar FiftyShadesToys says:

    Looks fantastic! Particularly loving all the extra info, like the wine lists and music.

  30. avatar TANYA says:


  31. avatar kmart909 says:

    Love the new site!! Anxious for the movie :-)

  32. avatar layla321 says:

    This new look is fantasic, so easy on the eyes.
    I’ve read your trilogy twice now. LOVE Ana and Cristain. It’s so Very Hard to put these books down.
    Mrs. James your fabulous!!!!

  33. avatar karlix17 says:

    I love the make-over, i love the gallery! locations and the list of wine, thanks!

  34. avatar Robertha Betha Furlan says:

    Azullllll A cara de Grey! Maravilhoso………..

  35. avatar niecy85 says:

    love the new site

  36. avatar vroula says:

    new look is great, Plenty of actors out there for the role of Christian who are not gay and gorgeous.

  37. avatar ctgwickedgames says:

    I really like the new look.

  38. avatar jwobbly58 says:

    Love the new look. I am now reading the trilogy for the 12th time, can’t put it down nothing comes close to these books.

  39. avatar 50-50 says:

    I think that Ian Somerhalder would be an awesome Christian. I agree with some of the other suggestions, but when my inner goddess reads the books she doesn’t hear an accent – lol.

  40. avatar Ale Costa says:

    I love this new site!! Congratulations!!! Give us more and more than ever Ana & Chris!! We love this couple!!!! Kisses from Brazil!!!

  41. avatar Petra says:

    Love the new look! On my way to look at the new content now :-D

  42. avatar FSJo says:

    Wow, Love the make-over!I especially like the photos ‘On Location’, it’s good to see some pictures of the places in the books. As always it leaves me wanting more!!

    • avatar Karen says:

      This is my first time here so the new look, looks great to me! just going through the site and lovin’ the playlists and wine lists! I’ve been trying to go back through all the books and to find the songs so this is so helpful.