Valentine’s Giveaway: Winner Selected!

I’m so very pleased to announce that the winner chosen at random by WordPress is:

Misty Gargis from Georgia.

She wins these:

The U.S. Hardcover editions of the Fifty Shades Trilogy that I’ve just signed!


What scene did she like the best?



“My favorite scene is from Fifty Shades Freed when Ana, Kate, and Mia were dancing and tall guy grabs Ana`s hips and she slaps the man so then Christian comes up and punches him in the face.”

Congratulations, Misty!

And thank you to all of you who entered it was a real treat to read all your favourite parts of the books.

EL x

33 Responses to 'Valentine’s Giveaway: Winner Selected!'

  1. avatar Janet says:


    No one else has is utter perfection in beauty, talent, charisma or intensity…Study how many emotions pass over his face as Neal Caffrey in “White Collar” (watch the final scenes of Season 4)…This man is simply perfection…

    Some actors may qualify in one skill set or another, but Matt is the only one who possesses ALL of them!!! He will make you FEEL Christian’s pain and anger, as well as his amazement as his newly-awakened love for Anastasia begins to open his fractured soul…

    Alexis Bledel has a sweetness and an underlying strength that make her the perfect Ana Steele…She has a freshness and a goodness of character that is rare in so young an actress…Do not cast an older girl whose face is already hardened and whose sexuality looks practiced (save that for Elena)…

    • avatar samanthagrey28 says:

      YES, YES, YES, YES! I COMPLETELY AGREE 100%! You have just expressed exactly what I have always tried to when it comes to the campaign to get Matt Bomer cast as Christian Grey. He is perfect for the role, and no one else is. Nobody is as gorgeous as he is, as sexy, smart, looks as good in a suit, and is such an amazing actor! He just IS Christian Grey! It is totally obvious the second you watch any episode of White Collar. He has to play him! And Alexis Bledel has the perfect looks for Anastasia Steele. She has those powder-blue eyes that see straight through people, and a very innocent look. She does flustered really well, but can also be sexy. Just check her out in Post Grad.

  2. avatar Rita freire says:

    Eu amei ler os 3 livros, eu tbm reli por ter ficado apaixonada pela linda historia de amor com pitadas de erotismo.
    Parabéns, louca pra ver o filme

  3. avatar Franne says:

    Congratulations Misty. Believe it our not I’m on my 6th read. Each time I learn more about these amazing characters and about myself. I love this story, the love, the psychological study, the redemption and the growth. MORE, please. Happy Birthday Christian. Keep growing up!

  4. avatar buttercup says:

    Happy Birthday Christian!!! Cannot wait until the next book comes out…Great love story.

  5. avatar bernvanc42 says:

    I would love to hear the rest of the story from Christian’s point of view, but with Taylor’s thoughts as well. That would be a great story. I would love to know what Taylor is thinking.

    I would love to see movie, but with actors that are not well known. I think since Anastasia is so innocent the actress playing her should be someone who is fresh. Perhaps someone like Jennifer Lawrence who has not been over done yet. In thinking of Christian perhaps some like Joe Manganiello type who already has the hot/cold role down and has the body for the role.

  6. avatar Eva Masen-Pattinson says:

    Dear Icy,

    I’m very happy of all the things you’ve accomplished. I can’t wait to watch the movie or movies… hopefully they’ll filmed lots of them.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. avatar valyzrn says:

    I’m sure you will choose the best actors for the role of Christian and Anastasia; But still, I would like to give my opinion and the only actor I imagine as Christian Grey is Matt Bomer.
    It is sleek, sexy, has a smile and a look of heart attack!

    Thank you for creating a story that leaves you glued to the book from the first page. It’s addictive, 3 days 3 books and that I have a little baby of 10 months!
    Just thank you, thank you very much.

    I hope you write very many more novels that captivate us how are you.

  8. avatar kailyy says:

    Omg !!!!! You need to write a fourth book now!!!!! Why did you stop woman?? The story is so good how much he changess for her captures your heart all the yay through, i’d love to read the books written from his point of view rather than hers, it would be amazing if you done thaw omg!!!!! I’ve already fell in love with the first ones and if more were written coming from him we understand so much more about christian grey, keep your books up there amazing !!!!!

  9. avatar Silvia says:

    I think Alexis Bledel and Matt Bone can loor amazing lite Anastasia and Christian, i read moré every book and only can imagine him like Mr Grey…

  10. avatar Sarah Whitmore says:

    I think that Devin Paisley should play the role of Christian Grey and Mila Kunis should play Anastasia.

  11. avatar kfencelan says:

    I hope that there will be a second part next to trilogy. I deeply inlove with your Book. :)

  12. avatar yumpin80 says:

    I am hoping that there is a fourth book coming?!?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE all three of these books. There is so much story to keep going with on these characters. I have read all three books twice so far. I am not a very big reader and really didn’t get what all the fuss was about until my daughter told me to read them. Then when I was done I was filled with wanting more! Love the story most of all! Thanks for making me want to read again!

  13. MZ. JUICEY 75 says:

    Good job!!!!!!!

  14. avatar amina says:

    hello can someone confirm that there will be a movie please thank u :)

  15. avatar samah says:

    i have read three books and iam reading them again its fascinating thank you el james!!

  16. avatar BeccaB says:

    Congrats!!! As for the movie…I think Matt Bomer and Jennifer Lawrence would make a GREAT Christian and Anastasia ;)

  17. avatar tbott says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read about Christian’s point of view. Even Greyer!

  18. avatar villardianne says:

    congraaatz :D

  19. avatar Zsani6 says:

    Congrats Misty! Where can we ask about the movie? Nobody suggested Gabriel Macht or Stephen Amell for Christians role!?

  20. avatar pmt01 says:

    Congrats Misty.

  21. patricialjenkin says:

    Way to Go Misty!!!! Hope you enjoy :)

  22. avatar Chinyere1 says:

    Congratulations Misty! A tad bit envious. What a Greyt treat to have the Fifty Shades Trilogy in Hardcover and autographed by EL herself. Enjoy. :D

  23. avatar jackandcal says:

    Thrilled for you Misty! Really!!!

    I don’t mind purchasing the hardback… it’s that EL’s signature I am coveting! I want “more” ;)

  24. avatar TRL1 says:

    Awesome for you!! I’m buying freed in hardcover with my Barnes and noble. I got the last set!!! Way to go Mrs.James!!

  25. avatar barney12 says:

    Congrats Misty! I am going to place my order right now!

  26. avatar maria1 says:

    Congrats Misty!!!

  27. avatar afewin says:

    Congrats Misty!!!!

  28. grannyamoose says:

    Congrats Misty! I will now have to go purchase the hardcover books as I read the books through my Kindle and there is nothing better than to have a book in hand to read the second time around!! <3

  29. avatar Gladys says:

    Congrats Misty!!!! So happy for you (Is it bad that I am green with envy??) xx

  30. avatar Destiny72992 says:

    awwwww :( Was so looking forward to winning. I think you should have a drawing contest next ;) lol. Congrats to you misty. super jealous of you. Now I have to go pay $25 each for all three hard back copies. My boyfriend says I shouldn’t because I already have the paper backs but he will never understand lol.

  31. avatar cmoore says:

    Way to go Misty!!!!!!