Happy Birthday Christian Grey…

Hello all,

As everyone on Twitter keeps reminding me – 18 June is Christian’s birthday.

Below is a teensy-weensy out take I wrote for my dear friend Raizie – back in the day. Raizie – I hope you don’t mind me sharing.



Christian sits cross-legged on our bed and eyes the package with a mixture of suspicion and glee.

“Happy Birthday,” I whisper excited and apprehensive at once at his reaction. Long fingers caress the silver paper and the tips of one finger and thumb glide down the satin silver ribbon.

“Nice ribbon.” He grins.

“I thought so.” I cock my head to one side and smirk.

“Part of the present?”

“If you like.”

“Mrs Grey, I always like, you know that.” His eyes darken with wicked promise and I can’t help my answering grin.

Slowly he unfastens the ribbon… taking his sweet time and peels back the paper, then the tissue paper. He freezes… staring at my gift and I hold my breath. What feels like an eternity later he looks up at me bemused.

“It’s a floral shirt,” he whispers.


“It has flowers on it.”



“Yes. A white shirt with tiny blue flowers on it, I thought you might want a departure from plain white. It’s smart casual. Wear it with jeans. Not for the office. I think you’ll look hot in it.”

He gazes at me, gray eyes giving nothing away.

“You will,” I add.


“Yes. Very hot.”

“Oh. Okay.” He seems mollified. He holds it up and appraises it once more.  Then nods and tosses it to one side.

“Now. This ribbon.” He grabs the discarded ribbon.

“What about the ribbon.” Suddenly I’m breathless.

“It’s time for next part of my present.” He lunges at me and I squeal…


Happy Birthday Christian…


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111 Responses to 'Happy Birthday Christian Grey…'

  1. avatar thorn says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Sir! Gee…the out take was quite short, but really showcases Christian just being Christian. And we really really really really…miss him alottabunch!!! Sir’s POV soon please Ms. E.L.

  2. avatar RueArcher says:

    I love getting to read more. But my heart broke with only a small tease at the end of Freed! Reading Fifty Shades of Christian was amazing. If you did the entire series again from his Point of View I would read them over and over. Please!

  3. avatar lie06 says:

    Belated Happy Birthday CHristian Grey! I am totally hook by your character! I think I’m falling in love with you haha. But I wont steal you from Ana!! Best luck E.L. James! I really love your book! Goodluck for the movie :)

  4. avatar quelfono2012@gmail.com says:

    I Just love him…. (as all of us!!)


    Don’t wait too long please!!!!

  5. avatar Danelle says:

    A Very Happy belated Birthday Christian !Soory this is late !Hmm!
    What shall be my punishment?

  6. avatar Danelle says:

    Wishing you the best of luck with the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey ! This is a constent topic of conversation with myself and my best friend Nadia.We will be at the theater the first day it opens !We are always quoting diferent phrases Ana and Christian say in all the books !Different things happen or are said and we would tell who ever said it that ‘s Very Fifty Shades ! Can hardly wait to hear who is going to be playing each of the characters parts!As with a lot of ladies this is Very Much apart of us now !Thank you ! It has made positive changes and awaken our emaginations.Will keep checking for more news !
    til next time !

  7. avatar vanvan says:

    È uma pena que a trilogia cinquenta tons acabou. Sou louca por romances, mas o cinquenta tons me deixou sem fôlego, estonteante. Estou louca para assistir o filme. Espero que ele traga a mesma intensidade e emoção que você descreve no livro.
    Amaria se me respondesse.

    Beijos, estou concorrendo para a vaga de fã numero.

  8. avatar RavenWillow says:

    EL, I just love this trilogy. I read it everyday and have been for a year and a half. I don’t think I could go a day without checking in on them. Won’t say how many times I’ve read the trilogy but each time I do I find different things I missed. I read it differently every time depending on my mood, no matter how I’m feeling I’m always intrigued. My friends keep reminding me they aren’t real, I don’t care they are part of my life now. Best of luck with the film. I’m sure you will pick the perfect people to play Christian and Ana, we TRUST you. Its exciting! RW

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